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The Agony of Lean Startup

Tristan Kromer

Lean Startup Coach & Lean Startup Circle SF

The Agony of Lean Startup

Speaker Bio

I help product teams go fast.

As a lean startup coach, I apply lean startup principles with product teams and innovation ecosystems.

I have worked with companies ranging from early stage startups with zero revenue to established business with >$10M USD revenue (Kiva, StumbleUpon, Pearl) to enterprise companies with >$1B USD revenue (Swisscom, Pitney Bowes).

With my remaining hours, I volunteer with Lean Startup Circle, a non-profit grassroots organization helping to develop innovation ecosystems with meetups in over 80 cities around the world.

The Agony of Lean Startup by Tristan Kromer

Lean startup is slowly moving beyond the buzzwords and being codified in books, templates, and Standard Operating Procedures. We're learning how to run experiments, but our teams are failing and flailing on finding a business they can actually care about. We're staring so closely at our innovation accounting dashboard that we're not only missing out on the view, but we're driving right past our goals into the ditch. Are we taking the fun and passion out of startups?

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