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A/B-testing - How, when, examples & pitfalls

Ton Wesseling

CEO Testing.Agency

A/B-testing - How, when, examples & pittfalls

Speaker Bio

Ton Wesseling is a well known conversion rate optimizer. Guiding the Dutch analytics & optimization scene to better results and sharing his knowledge throughout the globe. Ton is the founder of consultancy firm Online Dialogue. Lean & persuasion knowledge is what differs them from the crowd. Ton knows how to transform a promising start-up with lousy online marketing to a digital money making machine. He would love to add this knowledge to start-ups he believes and can invest in.

A/B-testing - How, when, examples & pittfalls by Ton Wesseling

A/B-testing is awesome, the holy grail of online visitor knowledge and the base of revenue growth for many companies. Ton Wesseling, Testing Guru, frequently asked CRO speaker and CEO of Testing.Agency has 15 years of online optimization experience and will share the following insights in his talk:

  1. How & when to apply testing in your company
  2. 10 inspirational A/B-test results
  3. 20 pitfalls you will make in A/B-testing if you don't attend this talk

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