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From simple Facebook page to viable business

Rossa Shanks

CEO and co-founder of Great Little Place

From simple Facebook page to viable business

Speaker Bio

Rossa is CEO and co-founder of Great Little Place, helping people discover places with personality and remarkable things to do. His background is firmly in advertising, brand strategy and marketing (both digital and traditional). Before catching the entrepreneurial bug, he started his career working at two of London's top advertising agencies (AMV BBDO and Grey London), working on the brand strategy and marketing campaigns for brands like The Economist, Lucozade, Mercedes-Benz, BT and The Times. Most recently, Rossa was Head of Marketing at The Sun, launching their foray into digital entertainment with Sun+, and has a masters in Management from Cambridge University and Double First Class Honours from Trinity College, Dublin. He's also a mentor at http://www.launchpadlabs.co.uk/.

From simple Facebook page to viable business by Rossa Shanks

The idea was to create a market/audience before building a product around them, in the leanest, quickest, cheapest, low-effort way. Our Facebook page got 40,000 likes in 2 weeks. Now we have over 500,000 Facebook followers around the world, early on we crowd funded £10,000 from those fans to build our initial website and have now raised a £300,000 seed round to go 100% mobile / international.

The long story of the talk walks through:

  • How to create a brand through understanding your 'why' (the reason you exist) - this enables initial traction.
  • How we started with an MVP (in this case what we would call a Minimum Viable Proposition: our Facebook page).
  • How we took that MVP globally through social (across 100 cities by leveraging the community and power of an idea).
  • How we developed an MVP (our initial blog to start taking data (e.g. user emails) and understanding our user preferences).
  • How we crowd funded £10,000 for free to build our next MVP (Minimum Desirable Product): our website www.greatlittleplace.com.
  • How we are going about building our mobile MVP (what we would call our Maximum Desirable Product).
  • And how we're turned a simple Facebook page into a viable business.

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