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Customer Development on a Global Scale

Raven Keller

Designer, Neo

Customer Development on a Global Scale

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After a series of unusual projects around the world, Raven began her product design career making maps for an online dating app. She co-created OldSF.org, a site for exploring historical photos of San Francisco, and she’s had the pleasure of working with an awesome collection of clients including ICANN, Teach for America, Techstars, Priceline, WNYC Public Radio and Taproot Foundation. As a member of international consulting team Neo, she focuses on everything from customer development research and strategy to prototyping and interface design. And whenever possible Raven rides her bike, rockclimbs and explores other countries.

Customer Development on a Global Scale by Raven Keller

Customer development and research is often seen as a huge, expensive, time-consuming task relegating it all too often to the cutting room floor when budgets start to get squeezed. This perception is only magnified when the target audience is relatively small, broadly distributed and highly specialized. Of course, these are the situations when customer development is even more important.

In this talk, Neo designer Raven Keller will discuss how she worked with a small team on a new platform for ICANN -- the internet governance organization. A global organization with multiple stakeholders, ICANN has a keen interest in ensuring it's constituency is well-represented in the tools they build for the community. However these folks are distributed across continents, countries, time zones and organizations both political and private. Raven will describe how she and the team worked to collect feedback and insight from ICANN's global audience in a way that allowed the team to maintain a brisk pace while continuously learning, experimenting and iterating.

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