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Let’s get real; How you should turn theory into practise

Leon Pals

Chairman of the Startup Foundation & initiator Evolv Weekend

Let’s get real; How you should turn theory into practise

Speaker Bio

Leon is the Chairman of the Startup Foundation, an independent non-profit which propels innovation by supporting startups and its founders by facilitating knowledge exchange. The Startup Foundation got started by a group of entrepreneurs who were missing entrepreneur led activities and events. Now, the organisation runs workshops across Europe, meetup groups and a p2p incubator in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Leon is also the initiator of Evolv Weekend, a three day action learning program which covers Effectuation, Customer Development and Lean Startup, giving participants the real world experience they need to succeed.

Let’s get real; How you should turn theory into practise by Leon Pals

The Startup Foundation has grown from a couple of founders that wanted to do one startup event to an organisation that has done ten, runs a p2p incubator and has a community of over a thousand members. This happened because we listened to our community, and used Lean Startup and Customer Development to learn and confirm our next steps. We didn’t plan any of this, and that’s exactly the point.

Leon comes to Leanconf to make a case for real world experience, and is accompanied by a ton of it. There is a lot of content on Startups in general, the Lean Startup and Customer Development, but one should practise it to fully understand how it works and the value it can bring. You don’t learn to ride a bike by reading a book, or by hearing someone tell you how they do it, you learn by jumping on one. You attending this talk is nice and very much appreciated, but it could also be considered a waste of your time. Why? Because whilst there is definitely value in talks, communication, planning and plotting your next move, nothing beats the actual move. So let’s use the time we have for this talk to address the importance of minimising the time till you get on that bike, hopefully it’ll save you countless hours in the future.

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