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Beyond MVP: Creating a Minimum Loveable Product

Laurence McCahill

co-founder of Spook Studio

Beyond MVP: Creating a Minimum Loveable Product

Speaker Bio

Laurence McCahill is co-founder of Spook Studio, a startup and innovation studio, as well as the driving force behind The Happy Startup School – a movement of people that believe in doing business differently, placing happiness before profits. He's passionate about making people's lives better, easier and more fun through good design and a more-human approach to business. He also curates the annual Happy Startup Summercamp – a 3 day retreat for purpose-driven entrepreneurs.

Beyond MVP: Creating a Minimum Loveable Product by Laurence McCahill

How can we get our digital ideas to market sooner, but still deliver a product that users will fall in love with? In this talk Laurence will be highlighting the flaws with the often misunderstood concept of the MVP, and how to balance design thinking and lean startup methods to build your product quickly, spot opportunities and grow your tribe.

You can follow Laurence on Twitter @welovelean. Also @spookstudio and @happystartups

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