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Keynote - Leanconf CTA: Innovate!

Janice Fraser

Fomenter at Pivotal Labs

Keynote - Leanconf CTA: Innovate!

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Janice is one of America’s leading experts on Lean Startup, having advised many successful companies including Task Rabbit, Lyft, and Sharethrough. She frequently trains White House staff on innovation, and her workshops have been sold out around the world. Janice is a serial entrepreneur and an interaction designer. She was one of the first UX designers, was cofounder of leading UX firm Adaptive Path, and acted as the company’s first CEO. Janice is a keynote speaker at startup conferences around the world and at top universities and business schools, including Stanford, Kellogg, and Haas.

Keynote - Leanconf CTA: Innovate! by Janice Fraser

Every Lean Startup entrepreneur knows the value of a strong call to action. In our closing Keynote, Janice Fraser calls on the Lean Startup community to rethink what we're working on. Janice asks us to look at the mundane with fresh eyes, disrupt the status quo, and apply our technique to problems that matter. She shows how big changes can result from experiments that are at once bold and subtle. Janice brings wide-ranging inspiration from retail, education, and technology to show you how innovation is possible in any context. And she calls on all of us to thoughtfully question our assumptions, reframe the big questions, and deliver outsized value to the world.

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