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Designing Effective Experiments

Grace Ng

Co-Founder QuickMVP & Lean Startup Machine

Designing Effective Experiments

Speaker Bio

Grace Ng is Co-Founder of QuickMVP, the 5-minute way to test your business idea, and Lean Startup Machine, the world's leading workshop on Lean Startup. Grace has helped thousands of entrepreneurs launch new businesses and worked with executives from companies like GE, American Express, and ESPN, to help them validate ideas for new products. She believes in a more effective way of launching new businesses and actively works with universities and female leadership programs to improve the way entrepreneurship is taught.

Designing Effective Experiments by Grace Ng

Every product decision is an experiment. If we can reframe our thinking from launching campaigns and building features to challenging assumptions and running experiments, then we can increase our productivity and get better results with less effort. Grace will share a structured process for designing effective experiments, and talk about some of the common pitfalls and challenges teams face when running experiments in their companies. Using examples from her work helping product teams within large companies, Grace will reveal a few ways to overcome these challenges.

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