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Applying Lean Start-up methods in big organisations – does this work?

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Applying Lean Start-up methods in big organisations – does this work?

Dr. Agnes Szejka

Coach, Deutsche Telekom

Applying Lean Start-up methods in big organisations – does this work?

Speaker Bio

Hi, my name is Agnes and I am an experienced agile coach. Coming from a scientific background in bio-physics - modeling the dynamics of networks – I had an interlude in process management before immersing in the agile world. Moving from self-organized networks to self-organized processes to self-organized teams. During the last couple of years I have focused on introducing new working methods into Deutsche Telekom. Aside from agile product development they included lean-start-up and customer development. I am a Certified Scrum Master, Certified Product Owner and Lean Startup Enthusiast.

Applying Lean Start-up methods in big organisations – does this work? by Dr. Agnes Szejka & Andrea Schmitt

In Deutsche Telekom we started to apply Lean Start-up methods one year ago. During our talk we will share the challenges we face and how we tackle them while introducing entrepreneurial methods in our big organisation.

Deutsche Telekom has applied Lean Start-up methods in product development and technology innovations projects. During those projects we face various challenges - sometimes based on human factors, sometimes associated to surrounding conditions. For example: Product managers who have worked differently during their entire working experience are very difficult to convince to apply the Lean Start-up way, especially while everyone else around them is still working as usual. Another Example: Publishing a fake sale is rather difficult in a company with an established brand and protected trademark, where passing several decision gates is required before publishing new content on our web sites is allowed. How we address these kinds of issues will be part of our talk.

On top of accompanying selected projects with our Lean Start-up knowhow, we are in the process of transforming Deutsche Telekom as a whole: we want to change our traditional way of working within product development towards the Lean Start-up way. For that reason, we are running internal trainings and workshops targeted at business developers and product managers as well at the middle management. In our talk, we will share our experience on how we caught interest and targeted the ‘right’ people within our organisation. Despite some first success of our transition towards entrepreneurial methods, we discover much reluctance to new working methods and huge scepticism regarding the question ‘Can Lean Start-up methods be applied to a big organisation such as Deutsche Telekom?’. We believe in a successful adoption of entrepreneurial methods and we will share our plan on how to progress with this very important transition for Deutsche Telekom.

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