4 top reasons startups (and internal projects) fail and how we will address them at Leanconf

Interestingly the reasons startups fail also hold true for why new product launches and internal projects within existing companies are unsuccessful too.

1) No market need

2) Run out of cash

3) Not the right team

4) Get out competed

We aim to give you practical and actionable lessons from experts on how you can avoid these common failures.

1. No market need

Building something the market doesn't want or need. This is one of the main failures that Lean Startup aims to fix.

I wasted 2 years on a project because I failed to validate there was a need for it. Time and money spent that I can never recover - Ben (Leanconf)

At leanconf

Learn how to become better at talking to your customers (on a global scale) to validate you are solving a real problem.

Non-startups, how many times have you worked on a project to have it be a failure or not even launch? The same techniques that startups use can be employed to learn what the market wants and deliver.

2. Run out of cash

You have a pot of money and you need to either get to the idea making money (create a business) or build something good enough to get another pot of money. Do you have time to try building in an ad-hoc way?

At leanconf

With small feedback loops, running effective experiments and building a series of MVPs turn an idea into a profitable business (or investable one) faster before the money runs out.

Larger organisation are not likely to run out of cash, but they will have a budget. Running the project more efficiently in a tried and tested manner will allow you to deliver the project on budget, on time and with more success. Surely a route to promotion? ;)

3. Not the right team

Working with likeminded people is really important. People passionate enough to attend startup events are usually the people making their own luck and know they need to invest in themselves to get better.

At leanconf

Come and meet your next co-founder, investor and mentor at Leanconf.

Need to add someone to your team? Imagine being able to find a Developer, Designer or Product Manager who is enthusiastic about innovation, startups, changing internal culture and Lean Startup. Good addition?

4. Get out competed

“The ability to learn faster from customers is the essential competitive advantage that startups must possess.” - Eric Ries, The Lean Startup

At leanconf

Out learn your competition to build a better product. Valid for all types of business. This is what the Lean Startup is setup to achieve. Build, Measure & Learn!

Bonus - Work in an existing organisation?

As you can see from above Lean Startup is not just for startups! Internal projects can be treated as startups too. Its been used in large organisations like GE, the UK government, Deutsche Telekom and Telefonica to transform innovation, deliver products and services to market quicker and cheaper.

Become a Lean enterprise and innovate like a startup within an existing organisation.

What about smaller companies? Can you apply Lean Startup in a consultancy? Yes you can!

Sound good?

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