Bootstrappers, Students and Early Stage Startups. Want to come to Leanconf?

This year for the first time we are in a position to help people who don’t necessarily have the funds to attend Leanconf. Conference ticket prices can be quite high and exclude whole groups of people due to cost.

I would like to proudly announce that we are running a community supported subsidised ticket scheme.

If you are a bootstrapping startup, a student, a very early stage (pre-venue, non funded) startup or work in a not-for-profit then you can apply for a place.

Whats the cost?

We are experimenting with a new ticketing price. As part of the application you tell us what the ticket is worth to you and that is what you will pay.

We opened up the scheme a week ago and have already had startups, students and bootstrapping entrepreneurs apply and get accepted.

It was so successful that we are opening up another 25 places. Space is limited and they will sell out

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Inclusive community

In a majority of cases we will be making a loss on an application. The tickets are subsidised from other parts of the conference like sponsorship and sales of full price tickets

That's why we called it the Community ticket. The members of our community that can afford to pay are helping other groups.

Helping early stage startups and bootstrappers attend the conference adds value to the event as a whole. These types of people are working hard at creating something and usually have great stories to tell, lessons to share and provide inspiration to act rather than talk.

Any tips on filing out the application?

  1. More detail the better. It will help us decide on your application faster
  2. When considering what value to place on your application please consider that a conference is expensive to run
  3. Applications with £0 are unlikely to get accepted
  4. We are being very selective as to who gets into the scheme. We want to ensure if you are being subsidised by the community then you will add value to the event by attending. You need to tell us why you deserve to come.

Any questions then feel free to email me at

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