• Is Your Business A Good Idea?

    30 Oct 2014

    As entrepreneurs, especially in the starting phase, we constantly ask ourselves: "Is my business a good idea?" How do we answer that question?

    "Oh Lean Startup suggests that we talk to customers!" How do we talk to customers?

    Fortunately, last year at Leanconf, Rob Fitzpatrick taught us how to talk to customers and learn if your business is a good idea.

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  • 4 top reasons startups (and internal projects) fail and how we will address them at Leanconf

    28 Oct 2014

    Interestingly the reasons startups fail also hold true for why new product launches and internal projects within existing companies are unsuccessful too.

    1) No market need

    2) Run out of cash

    3) Not the right team

    4) Get out competed

    We aim to give you practical and actionable lessons from experts on how you can avoid these common failures.

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  • Bootstrappers, Students and Early Stage Startups. Want to come to Leanconf?

    01 Oct 2014

    This year for the first time we are in a position to help people who don’t necessarily have the funds to attend Leanconf. Conference ticket prices can be quite high and exclude whole groups of people due to cost.

    I would like to proudly announce that we are running a community supported subsidised ticket scheme.

    If you are a bootstrapping startup, a student, a very early stage (pre-venue, non funded) startup or work in a not-for-profit then you can apply for a place.

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  • Practice Trumps Theory: Leanconf + Startup Weekend Sheffield ticket bundle

    18 Sep 2014

    Ash Maurya once famously said “Practice Trumps theory” and Steve Blank tells us to “get out of the building”.

    Thats exactly what we had in mind when we partnered up with Startup Weekend Sheffield to give you the Startup Weekend Sheffield ticket bundle.

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  • How I Got My First Customers Without Having A Product

    11 Sep 2014

    This post was written by Anthony Bosschem and we are re-posting it here because it's awesome! Please go and read his blog and follow him on twitter (links at the end of the post) - Ben

    People often ask me what they need to do to get funding. I always give the same answer: sell your product, without having the product. It’s the only way to really prove your idea is worth an investment, and it’s a great way for yourself to find out if your idea is worth your investment.

    I realize it’s not easy. I’ve done it, and at times it was a frustrating experience. On the other hand, it taught me a lot about my target audience, pricing model and product. For free. That’s why I would like to share how I’ve done it. Not as a “six-step-program-to-get-a-customer”. But to inspire*, and to have you hack your own way towards that first magical customer.

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